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Get poor, screw the feds

Tax day arrives this week and Larry Dansinger of the Maine War Tax Resistance Resource Center in Monroe wants you to forget all about it. Well, just the federal income tax part. Dansinger pays his state income tax and his property tax because he figures these funds help support social services and nice institutions like schools and hospitals. But at the national level, Dansinger hates that his money could help fund wars and "people who kill people." So April 15 for Dansinger is the glorious date he gets to tell the IRS to stuff it. In fact, heís told the IRS to stuff it since 1977. And on this day, Dansinger and about a dozen like-minded Mainers will pass out pamphlets around the state encouraging you too to stick it to the IRS.

Dansinger recognizes that tax day may be a little late to convince people not to pay their taxes, but he figures this is the perfect time to help new resistors get a jump on next year.

"We want people to start thinking now about the income they are making this year, which they can make changes in if they feel they can no longer pay for the kind of military things that are going on right now," says Dansinger, who has purposefully hovered at or below the minimum income for federal taxes ($7950 annually for a single person) for years.

Besides intentionally miring yourself in poverty to avoid the IRS, Dansinger says you can also transfer assets and push money around to sneak under the tax radar (but, uh, you didnít hear that from him). Mostly, though, Dansinger says youíre going to have to accept that thumbing your nose at the Feds could get you a smack on the kisser.

"Which is more painful," asks Dansinger, "to risk possibly dealing with the IRS or risk the anguish of having your money used for things you donít believe in?"

According to Peggy Riley, New England spokeswoman for the IRS, the agency will provide you with a series of collection notices before dipping into your paycheck for the cash or, in the worst-case, taking your house, your car, or whatever other stuff you have lying around.

For what itís worth, Dansinger says apart from a few phone calls and unannounced visits, the IRS hasnít bothered him much since their falling out nearly 30 years ago.

For more on the Maine War Tax Resistance Resource Center call (207) 525-7776 or email invert@acadia.net


Issue Date: April 15 - 21, 2005
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