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An album a day

To record and release 365 albums in a lifetime seems like a lot. But in a single year? Thatís just crazy. The idea may sound a little off-center, but thatís just what Moes Haven is best known for.

The Dylan- and Morrison-inspired indie duo based in Manchester, New Hampshire, have made a New Yearís resolution: to release a new album for every day of 2006. Each album will be named for the day it was released, such as January 1st, 2006, and will be about thirty minutes long.

According to singer/songwriter Matt Farley, this is no promotional stunt. In 2002, the group produced a 24-hour album and had a 24-hour listening party. He and Tom Scalzo have always "been obsessed with writing new songs." In fact, the groupís m.o. is to write, record, and move on to the next song. They have a stockpile of 300 to 400 songs that are unreleased ó so far. "I think if you force yourself to write music every day, you only get better. Thatís my theory," Farley says.

Farley describes Havenís music as "homemade" and "bizarre." Sometimes, he is inspired by everyday conversation. On their album Someone Else (described on their Web site as "the saddest album of all time...but it also has plenty of laughs!"), tracks range from "I Wanna Meet Scarlet Johansson in a Coffeeshop at Three" to "Regrets in a Fort Made of Blankets."

This year, fans can look forward to a variety of good and bad songs, which could be about anything from food to the band's fans. "It pays to be a fan of Moes Haven," Farley says. "There is an open invitation to anyone who wants a song written about themselves." About twenty songs have already been written about fans who have e-mailed their bios to the band. Some of those songs might end up on an upcoming album or on iTunes, where Moes Haven has eight albums up for downloading.

Certainly, Moes Havenís determination to break into the spotlight cannot be understated. Although Farley admits he wishes the band had a better fan-base, he does not let himself sound let-down. "Youíve gotta do something to distinguish yourself," Farley says. "You have to tell the world what youíre doing."

To hear Moes Haven, check out their Web site at www.moeshaven.com. If youíre lucky enough, you may be one of the people the band finds at random on the Internet and sends a free CD to. And if youíre interested in having a song written about your life, send Farley a quick e-mail at moternmusic@hotmail.com

Issue Date: January 13 - 19, 2006
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